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How to Join the Sake Club:

  • Click "Subscribe" on our YouTube channel, SAKE CLUB.

      Sake Club Video


(Free membership)

  • Learn about Sake in 5-minute videos on YouTube anytime!

  • Join our Monthly Sake Meetup to enjoy rare sake and food with other members @a-un Brooklyn



  • Access exclusive sake videos.

  • Stay updated with sake event news.

  • Participate in Sake Club Certificate exams.

  • Take a sake brewery tour.

  • Get a $10 discount for the Monthly Sake Meetup.

  • Guide at sake events.

  • Purchase sake with 50% discount.

Monthly Sake Meetup @a-un Brooklyn:

$80 >> $40(until April 2024)

  • Learn sake with tasting and eating.

  • Taste rare sake not available in the US.

  • Meet the brewers

How to Join the Sake Meetup:



  • "Who can become a member?"
    Anyone over 21 years old can join.

  • "I don't know anything about sake, but I’m interested. Can I join?"
    Absolutely, Yes! Beginners are welcome.

  • "What is the Sake Club Certificate?"
    Our international sake sommelier will guide you, and if you pass the test, you’ll receive a certificate.


  • "I work at a restaurant and have been serving sake without much knowledge about it. After joining sake club, I've learned a lot. Learning is easy, and the 5-minute videos are very helpful." - Sam


Contact Information:


Youtube Sake Club:

       Sake Club Video

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